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put in between clint eastwood and mitt romney, romney ain't outshining this little playlet i like to call the old man and the seat. and here's why-- (laughter) it hurts-- here's why it hurts. it hurt these republicans bad because this convention like all conventions is a scripted and focused group fantasy and the display of eastwood's gran torino id was the very thing republicans had constructed the entire week to suppress. this convention was the vision of a perfect america, that use odd to exist until barack obama ruined it, and so what if that america had never actually existed. >> to be an american was to assume that all things were possible, that unique blend of optimism, humility, it's that good feeling when you have more time to volunteer to coach your kid's soccer team or help out on school trips. it's when we see that new business opening up downtown. it's when we go to work in the morning and see everybody else on the block doing the same thing. my friends cared more about what sports teams we followed than what church we went to. >> jon: gee whiz, pops, that sounds awes
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to? >> my exclusive sit-down interview with hollywood legend, clint eastwood. but another racist remark. the man who delivered the benediction at the president's inauguration says he knows where all the whit people are going -- straight to hell. we'll explain. this latest example of the race card. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's anothereason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. >> we thank you for the empowering of our searchingant, our 44th president, to inspire our nation to rel
legend, clint eastwood. but another racist remark. the man who delivered the benediction at the president's inauguration says he knows where all the whit people are going -- straight to hell. we'll explain. this latest example of the race card. ♪ [ birds chirping ] are you sure you can fit in there? [ chuckles ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] around view monitor with bird's-eye view. nice work. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new nissan pathfinder. it's our most innovative pathfinder ever. nissan. innovation that cites. ♪ we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's anothereason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. that's the sound of car insurance compani these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it. so, what if instead o
talking about art. we are talking about actors. am i wrong? >> clint eastwood is an artist. >> here is the thing about clint eastwood. >> and he was rebelling against authority. clint eastwood is an iconic individual who is speaking out against the tide. also, he doesn't really care. those people actually care. >> i have it on good authority that, a, he didn't know where he was. b, he actually thought someone was in the chair. >> you can make fun all you want. you are wrong. tom, what do you make of it? >> the sad thing about it is really what it is coming down to is the prepaid birth control issue. >> that's what they are all passionate about. when in fact it is a small amount of money, and it is an embarrassing thing to hang their hat on. doubts you remember -- don't you remember take back the night? they were trying to take back a whole night. >> it is like gay marriage all over again. >> three questions that they will never answer, blacks and latinos represent 25% of our population, but account for 60% of all abortion. they don't want to talk about the fact that abortion affects
clint eastwood's character-- who dies halfway through the novel-- surexprief also be the hero. bill finally came to his wit's expend couldn't do it and he called me up saying do you want to have a shot of it? i said, no, i spent three years killing the man and they're paying you, not me. he brought in another screenwrites to bring eastwood in. i thought the first act was terrific and the rest of it is okay glefd now clint eastwood takes parts in plays where there are imaginary characters. >> there were no empty chairs in "absolute power yes that i recall. >> schieffer: and now we come to alex. i have to say of all the books i read this year, yours was funniest. and you're not a fiction writer. i put you here because your book reads like fiction, from time to time, and i do have to wonder if you made up parts of it along the way, like magicians doll, but i'm sure you didn't. the kinds of books i really like to read for pleasure are the ones where you read a couple of pages, and at first you say, "why in the world would anybody write a book about this particular subject?" and then you
more. >> what about clint eastwood? was his empty chair stunt at the republican national convention a big oops for you? >> well, it was -- i think it was, and i think rick perry and clint eastwood today 2016, the ticket space political cowboys touring the country, talking to empty chairs and talking to audiences and forgetting things. at that moment i think that we were laughing clint eastwood was laughing, mitt romney probably not laughing at that moment, but it was a funny moment, and it made clint eastwood very endearing on some level. >> quickly, one of my favorite moments. this one right here. the big bear hug. there you go. the president's big bear hug. that was a good one. >> that was a great moment of being embraced by this guy who clearly was very strong and liked president obama a great deal. you know, optics are everything. that sent a great message that a blue collar tough guy was embracing president obama literally embracing. >> i can't believe security didn't take him down, but it was a good moment. dean, nice to see you. thanks for the laughs this
made a cell phone for clint eastwood. i'm talking to somebody now. all right. people read the paper. i like that. this is a popsicle for porn stars. there are so many. [laughter] sorry. this is for serious pot smokers. they can just smoke it right out of the pot. [applause] my pot smoker. hey, where is the horse? i had a joke for the horse. seabiscuit. craig: secretariat. >> we play horse shoes. craig: look! >> you play horseshoes? everybody plays horse shoes. i wonder the horses play human shoes? i should have never have stopped to do that damn joke. this is snooki's baby. help me make a drink. we're going to make a spritzer. snooki's baby is ok. i made a book for women who read "50 shades of grey." it has a bookmark. i don't know if it will stay. i'll move on. i made a new tampon box. it has a spinner. crazy bitch or regular bitch. that way you know what you have got. what do we have this time? crazy bitch! that is a good crowd you have got by the way. this is a high heel for kirstie alley. she always fluctuates in weight. that way she won't bust a heel when she was dancing. aisle tr
that hollywood is dominated by liberalism, when clint eastwood showed the support for romney, he was not welcomed in the same fashion. we need h to get more actors on our side. >> that's it for this edition of to the contrary. please follow me on twitter at bonnie erbe and at to the contrary and check our website,, where the discussion continues. whether you agree or think, to the contrary, please join us next time.
were released. do you remember this one? some were election related like this clint eastwood, infamous invisible obama speech and mitt romney's big bird remarks. the top spot goes to olympian's not too impressed face which has been imitated time and time again. is there any we can remember that we may have forgot snen. >> i'm sure there are hundreds of ones we haven't forgotten. >> google and youtube -- >> yeah, embarrassing moments. >> i'm sure bill charkarins shop several times. stay tuned. "way too early" is next. >>> i wouldn't even care about winning the $550 million. i just want to be paid with one of the giant checks. wouldn't that be great? take it to the bank, try to feed it into the atm. >>> i know that lotto money is going to be mine. even though the drawing hasn't happened yet, even though the odds of winning are 175 million to 1. because i bought 175 million tickets and i'm guaranteed to win because every sin
election-related, like this one, clint eastwood's infamous invisible obama speech, and mitt romney's big bird remarks. but the top spot? you remember this one. it went to olympian mckayla maroney's way-too-honest, not-impressed face. yep, that will leave a mark. >> i'm trying to make that face, but you can't. >> it's too cold. you would freeze. >> it would freeze that way. >>> well, this comes to us from wmtv, nbc 15 in madison, wisconsin, where a dog and his family were reunited after years apart. lucky the dog ran away from home four years ago, leaving his family with little hope of ever seeing the little pooch again, but as luck would have it, lucky recently showed up on tv as the humane society's pet of the week, and it shocked the owners. calls were made, and eventually, lucky and his family were back together again after four long years. what are the chances of that? i'm lynn berry and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> in new jersey, it was a homecoming over half a century in the making. a military jacket found among the wreckage
! it was like obama wasn't even there. he hasn't done this poorly since he debated clint eastwood. (laughter) meanwhile-- (cheers and applause) meanwhile, romney was the alpha mitt, slapping obama around. and, anyone else who got in mitt away. >> i'm sorry, jim, i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. i will stop other things. i like pbs. i like big bird, i actually like you too. but i'm not going to keep on spending money for things to borrow from china to pay for it. >> stephen: he just told the moderator who works at pbs, i'm going to throw your ass out on the street, old man! you-- (cheers and applause) you, not only you-- but all those freeloading muppets. that takes not just one ball, but two, two enormous balls! (applause) but, folks, as much as i enjoyed the triumph of the willard, what i loved most was the heartwarming pant crapping over at msnbc. >> i was disappointed in the president. i thought he was off his game. i was absolutely stunned tonight. >> there wasn't, i don't think, a single direct attack against mr. romney from president obama. no discussion of the 47%. >> at all. >>
, one voter told me she heard from bill clinton, pat boone and from clint eastwood. hadn't heard from clint eastwood's chair yet. she was waiting for that next but they are exhausted. they're at the end of their ropes. a cab driver on the way over told me it's been like a roller coaster and at the end of the ride someone will be happy and someone will be sick to their stomach but here in wisconsin most voters are just happy it's coming to an end. >> all right, sharyn. thank you. now we want to make a projection in missouri right now and take a look at the map because we are projecting missouri for governor romney. again, this is a red state, so take us through the map now, george. >> we see still everyone -- every state coming in basically as we expected of the red states have been met for a long time. the blue states still blue but some disappointment there for governor romney could not pick up wisconsin as sharyn said, could not pick up pennsylvania and the big battlegrounds that has gotten most of the attention and money from the campaign still out there, but president obama with a
of surrogates trying to tell the story for him. one of those famously clint eastwood at convention and the other is donald trump. how have these surrogates done for telling mitt's story? >> ought unauthentic and in effective. clint eastwood hoe i love, clearly, did movies with women, that cowboy gunslinger image doesn't work across most of the spectrum in the united states. it just doesn't work. donald trump everybody thinks he is a clown even people that like him think he is a clown. i don't think those are good surrogates to tell any story. david: talk about president obama, his story telling. up-to-date the hurricane, come out too often, essentially saying i'm the president, going to put things in order. how is that story going? >> well, candidly reality tv struck. fate and serendipity play a part in success in any story. the idea suddenly he was there when the hurricane happened and took charge of a situation and move the opponents to, you know, reward him with their connratulations, whether it is christie or others is a very valuable story, especially very close to the election today. you r
that wasn't human that was really weird was this clint eastwood chair little thing he did at the rnc. let's watch. >> how do you handle it? what do you say to people? do you just, you know, i know people -- >> all right, dean. wrap it up for us. that was the moment. >> it was very funny. looked more like a commercial for ginkgo biloba, some memory loss product. i think clint eastwood, i thought he was more endearing and funny, i'm sure mitt romney backstage not laughing at all. but clint eastwood was funny. he should tour the country, him and the chair. >> i can't believe still it was just a week ago, but now we got lots more to talk about. >> sex scandals. >> the scandal and many other things. got to let you go,
didn't disintegrate into anarchy. >> bill: clint eastwood. >> i thought he was great. clint eastwood at 84 could take both of us and throw us over a bridge. he was the best. scripted info commercials. to have a guye get up there. >> bill: he is real. >> he is real and he is doing his own thing. it was a breath of fresh air. >> bill: did you think it was disrespectful to talk to a chair that represented the president of the united states, your man, the guy that you idolize? >> yes, no. my idol. you are thinking of he elvis. i don't think it'si disrespectful to talk to a chair. these are political conventions. the whole point of these things is they should be called three days of disrespect to the other guy. >> bill: i'm going to submit to you mr. burton that they can compete in the free marketplace like nickelodeon, cartoon channel and other things and do just as well without taking the taxpayer money because we're in an era where we have to bring down the spending. we have to do it. u say? >> and i say you are missing the point. , bill. if you are going to focus on the $414 million,
the tunnels. the second part of it, waiting for the opportunity. clint eastwood's make my day. and so it could retaliate with absolute just cause. go in and take out the missile battery. from what i gather they have achieved 90 percent of what they set out to do. from israel's point of view, i disagree. much better position now than they were. and put themselves in a much better position. lou: john. >> well, i don't have any relatives in israel, so i don't have anything on the line one way or the other, but the fact that you have mohammad as president of egypt is a very different strategic situation then mubarak. he, at least, turned a blind eye as these missiles were being smuggled into gaza. the long-range missiles, in particular, are pretty hard to hide on the back of a go. so this is a considerable logistical effort to get however many of the long-range missiles and that they have got in. with security in the sinai continuing to deteriorate, i have to believe if iran wants to put more missiles and, it can. and ultimately this is about iran. lou: is this also about turkey as well as the asp
's cubes to create an american legend. can you tell? it's clint eastwood. it looks just like him, in fact. the final creation is more than six feet tall. he did not build an empty chair, as well. >> here's a portrait of another star made from 20,000 dice. you can watch as it comes together. it turns out to be adrien brody. again, it looks remarkably like the actor. that's what i can do with all of the spare dice that i have in my house. >> yeah, get to work. see you in a few years. >>> for some of you, now, your local news coming up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. so now's the time. she doesn't even though our really get us. and she'll never know who we are, or what... no way, madden girls?? nike! who's your mommy now? famo
a real crowd pleaser coming. say hello to clint eastwood and his empty chair. clint's saying goes, make my day. let me tell you, that chair is making a lot of people's day on the parade route. secretary of science todd akin. he's drinking in all of the festivities. and check out romney cabinet donald trump working the crowd. he's back from another fact finding mission in kenya. don't think he found anything. oh, wow, here comes the yellow bird that they were talking about this year. of course, i'm talking about big bird. whoa. what's that in mr. romney's hand? i think he's trying to pop that bird. can't say i didn't see that one coming. what a day out here. let's see. here comes an empty float. oh, i see. all of the people on it actually self-departed. the crowd here just loves that. and i'm hearing we have a special guest along the parade route. and here's the new secretary of state, speaker gingrich. what are you guys excited about. >> ironically, no elephants at this parade. scary, scary. i know what i'm thankful for this year. that was just a dream. have a happy and safe thanksgivin
eastwood for lending me his chair. sorry, clint lost the debate to the chair, but at any rate, billionaires and ballot bandits, how to steal an election in nine easy steps. the story, however, starts up the congo river, and that's why, tonight, i'm very, very happy that teaching for change is sponsoring tonight with transafrica, with code pink, with wpfw, and, of course, friends of congo, my friends here, what does that have to do with the best of the election? we're two weeks from at least 5.9 # million votes which will be stolen. now, and it to, by the way, thank seven stories press for publishing the book in coordination with my notary public -- non-profit fund. we're non-partisan. we are nonprofit, and we are nonnon-bull shit, okay? we're putting out the book. go to our website, for the latest. now, i said it starts in the congo. i'll tell you the end of the book, the last chapter, i'll give that away right now because i put it on the cover of "nation" magazine, figuring that a lot of you won't get to the end. i put, by the way, a comic book in the middle of it, 50 pag
they had an empty chair long before clint eastwood showed up. >> i think he is enjoying a nice glass of wiiiiiine. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: dana says [ inaudible ] not one but three [ inaudible ] white [ inaudible ] which is our personal -- i wasn't going to forward it, and then i remembered all of the vial hateful lies enjoy with moderation with an appropriate amount of guilt. particularly this one of the woman noting on the american flag. [ applause ] >> that is a little over the top. >> i have been watching a lot of fox, because i was supposed to fly back after the election but we had another for easter, so i watched a lot of fox news and the five stages of fox news grief are shock, rage displaying that rage on to someone else seething hate blaming chris christie and then make sure you learn something. >> stephanie: exactly. and denial. >> yeah, that was denial. >> that comes under the learn nothing clause. it's really, really amazing to watch the rage and just to watch karl rove flipping out like this. >> stephanie: what the heck is karl rove smoking? h
laughing before you knew what the bottom line was. >> you just interviewed clint eastwood. >> david letterman. david letterman important the kennedy center honors. he's one of the recipients. it's a high honor for him and he was great. i mean natural, insightful, funny. >> i can't wait to see it. >> a london tradition is in >> in case you hadn't heard president obama defeated mitt romney. we know this for sure despite fact that the returns from florida still have not been counted. [ laughter ] some people had to wait five or six hours to vote there. what goes on in florida. they had four years to fix that. and four years before that. we have to make sure florida never gets the olympic. >> florida. wow. >> no hanging chads this time but as you heard the presidential race in florida is again too close to call. we haven't called it yet. unlike 2000 the final outcome does not decide who wins. >> long time "miami herald" columnist carl hiassen is here to talk about the florida vote. his best selling novel is called "chomp." what is it with florida as kimmel said? >> we're in a state of e
. >>> coming up next from big bird to clint eastwood's chair, the campaign moments that had us all talking, but first, this is "today" on nbc. so, maybe you're trying to figure out question seven. well, let me give it a shot. if you're ok with marylanders spending five hundred and... fifty million a year gaming in other states, fair enough. but if you think we should keep that money here... add twelve thousand jobs, and generate millions for schools... well you should probably vote for question seven. because if it doesn't pass, all of this goes away. that's why the post called seven, common sense. but decide for yourself. >>> and we're back now at 8:37 with more on this election day tweef. a few months ago you probably didn't give too much thought to things like big bird, binders full of women and bayonets. >> and they have become words and images that have sparked endless conversations online, not to mention many fake twitter accounts on the internet. willie geist is here with his top five meme. >> all understand what a meme is. >> something that takes on a life of its own. you'll see he
and exclusive interview with one and only clint east wood. he joins me to discuss governor mitt romney. benghazi cover-up and why this will be most important election of our time. that is tomorrow night. clint eastwood plus we are launching a brand-new feature to enhance the hannity viewing experience. details in just 30 seconds. just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day -- their inbox. and it gives you the tools to create custom emails that drive business. it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at >> sean: welcome back to hannity. in moment i will be joined by newt gingrich who says he may have new information about the bengha
from clint eastwood. the actor made headlines for his criticism of president obama. >> that empty chair last night speaking with sean hannity he continued to express his disappointment with the president and explaining to hannity why he thinks mitt romney is the man for the job. >> a lot of people who feel dissatisfied from voting for him last time are afraid to admit they maybe made a mistake. it's better to be overly defensive and just say, well, i am voting for him again. i just tried to give people when i was at the rnc the idea that maybe they could -- they should think about other alternatives and rather than just voting a party line. of course a lot of people who are on the republican side voted for him last time will probably have regrets. if you have regrets think about somebody else. somebody who offers something else like a business background. governor romney has had a great business background. he's extremely well educated. he has several degrees from harvard. including business and including a law degree. he's just kind of a perfect guy for the job. and i think along with
. >> where are the conservative performers? i don't know, doocy, where is clint eastwood, that's your level of performer to talk to an empty chair. this is amazing that they would actually question the timing of this. it's in the news. the need is now. the money is direct. the country's paying attention to it. you be the judge. this is the time for us as a country to come together. this has nothing to do with politics whatsoever. this is about looking out for fellow americans. i hope you consider donating to the red cross. >>> coming up, president obama has a lead in wisconsin but by how much? paul ryan is spending a ton of money to save his seat. he could be a two-time loser on tuesday night. we're right back. stay with us. [ thunder crashes ] [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. >>> mitt romney is attempting to chip away at president obama's lead in the st
, which they adopted was clint eastwood. i don't think americans want to go back to a government and a country ruled by older white men. >> lynn sweet, before i let you guys get out of here, i want to ask you about jesse jackson jr. word came down last week he is in talks with investigators regarding a plea deal. what can you tell us? >> that was a story my "sun-times" colleague mike snead broke, big credit to them for digging this out. he is in mayo clinic right now. he went back if there for his bipolar depression. and at the same time he is talking about pleaing for misuse of campaign funds. so he has a lot going on right now. may lead, may lead if he has to plead to his stepping down from the state. >> that would be part of the plea deal? >> often that is. >> lynn sweet, thanks to you. bill schneider, thanks to you as well. do appreciate you as always. >> okay. >>> the very latest on the resignation of cia director david petraeus. i'll talk to a reporter who covered the general during his time in iraq. also, he has a second term. what will president obama do with it? i'll get
. that is tomorrow night. clint eastwood plus we are launching a brand-new feature to enhance the hannity viewing experience. [ male announcer ] with 160 more miles per tank, the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the new 2013 ram 1500. ♪ with the best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. ♪ guts. glory. ram. another holiday stuck at the kids table again. then it happened. every boy's dream. i got called up to the big leagues. i was finally a man... on my way to shaving, driving and staying up past midnight. [ whoosh ] [ whoosh ] [ whoosh ] being an adult is overrated. [ male announcer ] holidays aren't the same without the real cream of reddi-wip. the sound of reddi-wip [ whoosh ] is the sound of joy. >> sean: welcome back to hannity. in moment i will be joined by newt gingrich who says he may have new information about the benghazi cover-up, but first the administration in a desperate attempt to make obama presidential. released a photo of him during hurricane sandy. they did the same thing in the aftermath of raid that got osama bin la
,000 dealing with these cases, clint eastwood was one of them. >> john: he has a handicapped accessible bathroom but a woman sued him. eastwood is rich enough, go ahead make my day. he fought back in court and won. usually businessmen pay them to go away. >> it's extortion? >> it feels that way. >> it's an ugly process but it works. >> john: you sue about all kinds of trivial stf? >> it's trivial yeah to you becse you are arrogant. >> you are free loading off of productive people? >> if it wasn't for people like me, thousands and thousands of businesses would not be compliant with the ada. if you want to call it a racket, okay, its racket that is written in the legal system. >> john: it's legal extortion? >> the entire system is driven by money. >> john: yes, and by politicians who say.... >> yes, we can. >> coming up. >> the first thing is our jungle lobby. lobby. >> did you k i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you n. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by de
's still that guy. >> i think he's got to do a movie with clint eastwood. michael tomasky, thank you very much. there's a lot coming up in the next half hour. >>> why is it you couldn't extend early voting? >> the right thing happened. >> florida republicans come clean on minority voter suppression. state senator nina turner responds to a new bomb shell report. >>> democrats didn't ask for the super pac fight, but they plan to win it. >> there's a lot of money involved here and democrats need to come in off the sidelines and get engaged if they haven't. >> we'll tell you about the new democratic plan to outgun republican super pacs. >>> and why is this nfl mascot shaving the head of an indianapolis colts cheerleader? it's a great story. we'll tell you about it, ahead. e things she does still make you take notice. there are a million reasons why. but your erectile dysfunction that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approv
of two things. they could decide this is my clint eastwood, make my day moment and go and attack all of the missile batteries along the gaza strip. there are thousandstens of thousands of missiles capable of reaching israel. that is why israel has the tanks along the border and preparing potentially for an invasion. why would they do that? obviously to get rid of missiles. it gives them options with iran. say six months from now israel decides to have a preemptive strike against iran's nuclear facilities. the retaliation that iran would launch would be those same missiles on the gaza strip coming into israel. this is sort of preemption of the preemption. melissa: precursor? >> gives them better option. melissa: why did this break out now? why is this happening? >> i think a couple of reasons. one is because, you know, gaza, they sort of fire missiles off every now and then. but the other is renewed relationship now, very different relationship between the hamas, which is a muslim brotherhood organizati, and the muslim brotherhood which is now running egypt. and that's what you got to
this morning. actor clint eastwood appeared on fox news to talk about his whacky republican national convention speech and how it came to be, how the chair came to be on stage with him talking to it. in case you missed the speech, here it is. >> what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him to do that. can't do that to himself. you're absolutely crazy. you're getting as bad as biden. >> now the acting, directing legend says it was an ad lib, which was obvious at the time. let's listen. >> i have to give john vioght a pat on the back. i was sitting with him and a couple other people talking about the economy. he said why doesn't anybody in hollywood ever speak up. i said he's right, we are kind of chicken. the chair idea, that came out of the air. i was sitting there and the guy behind the stage said here, you want to sit down? i said no, but take it out and set it next to the podium. he said you want to sit down? i said no, put it there. i said that's stupid, why did i do that. afterwards, people came out and said it was fun. >> there you have it. on a more serious note, he said he's not
on their side. for obama, eva longoria, george clooney, sarah jessica parker. and for mitt romney, clint eastwood and mr. burns. >> mitt strapped his mutt to the roof of the car for a 350 mile jaunt. we will explain why mitt is once again [ inaudible ]. what's that? you like being tied to the roof of the car? because it allowed you to see more of the great land of ours and its wonderful natural resources ripe for drilling and mining and exploiting? >> the lineup may be set, but which team will more americans choose. joining us from washington, is new york magazine's jonathan chaits. we love to give you a bump in with simpson sound because nothing feels more commitly weighty -- politically weighty. >> a launching pad to get on to the simpsons. that's my career plan. >> i see it. someone call. jonathan, you have made the case for the president and against mitt romney and the pages and annals of "new york" magazine and this week has seen other folks making the case in so far as there are new endorsements colin powell and yesterday michael bloomberg. is it even worth discussing who has the s
for the election to be over. believe it or not, though, from clint eastwood's chair to kids who are sick of the whole thing, there were a fair amount of funny moments during this campaign season and we'll have a fond look back at those. >>> we do begin with the northeaster heading to the coast. >>> we are talking about recovery all across the northeast and, unfortunately, the temperatures have been so far below average with wind chills down in the 30s as well. so up until this point recovery efforts have been hindered just because it's been so chilly for those without power. now, on top of that, we are talking about another nor'easter. this is a storm that is going to make its way through the carolinas bringing lots of rain to north and south carolina, right through havevirginia, up through ocean city, maryland, that's already been hit hard, and then in new jersey we are going to see the potential for some more flooding. now this is not going to be another sandy. new york city subways will not get flooded out. however, we are still looking for any minor storm surge to cause additional fl
gratitude for giving me the opportunity to give a life-long dream and be clint eastwood. in march of 2011 the state department sent t.j. where we had the privilege of having events at boston university, emer son college, and we threw a fine lunchon where he wowed our crowd. and m.i.t. which he was not responsible for that part of his itinerary. over the weekend i'm driving in new england and listening to n.p.r., state department spokesman t.j. crowley has just resigned. on monday morning i had so many calls and e-mails, what did i miss by not going to that lunch? he is a man of great candor and principle. he got in trouble for saying something about the treatment of private bradmauning, the wikileaks thing, and i owe you all a great thanks for being here today. f. >> thank you. [applause] >> i resigned two hours after the tour. i don't want you to take that personally. so we are coming up on the two-year anniversary of this thing called the arab spring or the asia wakening, or the arab uprising. so from almost two years when a fruit vendor in tunisia lit himself on fire and has literally
but i'm not going to go more than 50% of the way if that. >> sit in that chair that clint eastwood had empty. julian and jonathan, thank you so very much. stay with us. the republican soul searching continues and our top lines are coming up. >> i was wrong last week, as was virtually every major republican analyst, and so you have to stop and say to yourself, if i was that far off, what do i need to learn to better understand america? and you pick the price that works for you. great. whoa, whoa, jamie. watch where you point that thing. [ mocking ] "watch where you point that thing." you point yours, i point mine. okay, l-let's stay calm. [ all shouting ] put it down! be cool! everybody, just be cool! does it price better on the side? no, it just looks cooler. the name your price tool, only from progressive. call or click today. i got you covered. thank you. oh, you're so welcome. sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! woo-hoo!!
. we know our limitations. as clint eastwood said, to quote a guy now speaking to a full chair, a man has to know his limits. know what you're dealing with. i'm just stunned that people in charge of security, are this sloppy. >> yes. >> i'm stunned that -- you're the head of the cia. you can't mack with any more secretiveness than this. get a mac computer. >> but you know what they did, the tactic they used, was something that they learned from terrorist organizations, which is you have a combined e-mail address and just type an e-mail in draft and then you can write to each other with no one -- with there being no paper trail. >> they got caught too. osama. >> and their isp addresses, ip addresses that you can trace. god, i'm really betraying my lack of knowledge. when we talk about this, there's also the eric cantor piece of this which has been interesting to me, eric cantor learned about the petraeus affair or was told by the secret unnamed shirtless fbi agent, and "the new york times" reports the agent self-described whistle blowing was embarrassing but had no effect on the invest
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